Ali Mohamadi, M.D.

We met Dr. Mohamadi when out son was first diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes, and Dr. Mohamadi and our son hit it off right away. We could not have asked for a more perfect fit of doctor and patient. Dr. Mohamadi has always made himself available to us no matter what the time or day and the relationship that he has forged wit our son has only gotten stonger.  It was a no brainer to stay with Dr. Mohamadi when he left Hopkins. The only problem is going to be to find a new endocrinologist as good as Dr.
Mohamadi when our son outgrows being a pediatric patient.
--Ben Meltzer, father of a 13-year old boy with Type 1 Diabetes.

Dr. Mohamadi was one of the first Drs we met at Johns Hopkins Hospital when our daughter, Madison, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were very impressed with his knowledge of the disease and more importantly his ability to talk to our daughter about how she can manage her diabetes. He is truly a professional who wears 2 hats, doctor/ friend. --Erin and Matt Hurlburt, parents of a 13-year old girl with Type 1 Diabetes.

In addition to offering clinical expertise and cutting edge treatment, Dr. Mohamadi has a rare ability to listen carefully to and to empathize with his patients and their parents. --Catherine Martin, mother of a 3-year old girl with Type I diabetes.

Peace of mind is having your child cared for by someone like Dr. Mohamadi who is not only brilliant and superbly trained, but who is also incredibly kind. --Greg Waehner, father of a 3-year old girl with Type I diabetes

"Dr Mohamadi is very personable, thorough, and respects parents' concerns and feedback. He guided my son through a major transition and was very knowledgeable and available. We are appreciative of the effort and time he invested in us! He is one of the finest and we love him!!!
-Tammy Lowman- Mother of a 15 year old boy with monogeric diabetes.